Undeniable Proof Of The Fed's Rigged Game Emerges

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by quoth the raven
Tuesday, Sep 21, 2021 - 7:22

(Submitted by Quoth the Raven at QTR's Fringe Finance)

The proof that the game is rigged is overwhelming at this point. If you choose to ignore it, you’re simply just another useful idiot for the elites that run the entire charade.

Anyone who has followed me and my kind for the last couple of years, whether on Twitter or through other mediums, knows that I harbor a standing objection that the entire Central Banking game is rigged.

To some degree, over the last couple of years, this argument has started to feel old and played out, despite how it might, objectively, be accurate. The Fed relies on the fact that a roaring stock market has a way of smothering critics of the system into oblivion, hinging on the unfortunate reality that most of America still equates the stock market to the economy.

At the crux of my argument that the game is rigged is the broken central banking model: a model that is often presented as altruistic but, in reality, has numerous fatal flaws, not the least of which are inflation and a widening inequality gap.

The model is presented by serious looking people in suits, cloaked in white lies and anecdotes about things like jobs numbers that most people don’t understand. It is “explained” to our country’s citizens in a manner that insinuates they should understand everything that’s being said, while the reality is that most people don’t have time to learn the intricacies of critiquing a macroeconomic model because they’re too busy being doing things that make the world go around like plumbing, working at the coffee shop, picking up the trash, changing your oil and welding.

For years, I had struggled with the question of whether or not our elected and appointed officials understood how potentially dangerous this system was or if they were just ignorant to the trade-offs of a Keynesian bubble economy.

Now, it’s starting to look as though things may be much more nefarious than I could have anticipated.

While the “permabear” stance on things has garnered all types of criticism and ridicule from financial media and well-known asset managers - permabears are often disregarded as conspiracy theorists or just plain nutjobs - the sick and twisted game being played by Central Banks and government officials has now come to light in a manner that not only adds jet fuel to the fire of my long-standing criticism, but also puts into digestible terms just exactly how rigged the game has been over the last decade.

So far, in 2021, we have learned...(READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE).


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