And Next On Deck: Slovenia May Request Bailout Next Month PM Says

Because once you pop, you can't stop.

From Bloomberg:

Slovenia may ask for an international bailout if lawmakers fail to adopt legislation next month that would limit public spending, Prime Minister Janez Jansa said in an interview with a local radio station.


“July will be the moment of truth since parliament will vote on the golden fiscal rule and on changes to the way referendums are organized,” Jansa was quoted as saying in an interview with Koper-based Radio Ognjisce. “If we continue to get more and more debt, we will see a Greek scenario here and this generation will have to pay dearly for the stupidity of those that have delayed decisions.”

John Nash was a genius for a reason: defecting is stupid, but if you defect, defect first. Or at least be among the first. It seems Europe has finally had its first lesson in game theory and is learning fast.