Barton Biggs Appears On TV, Opens Mouth, Hilarity Ensues

Barton "AUM Smalls" Biggs, who is now very obviously floating in a geritol-free pink cloud of his own, and who back on August 4 predicted a 7-9% rally in the next 3 weeks, only to realize subsequently he forgot a minus sign (and potentially his incontinence protection), confirms he has now totally lost all grasp with reality. As in an absolute psychotic breakdown, per the following statement given to Bloomberg TV: "I don't see all the bad news that you keep citing." We urgently demand that the DSM IV do some creative adjustments to their definition of schizounipolarpermaclowndementia and apply the appropriate image of this now uber-ridiculed example of a the lost beta chasing generation (and one with some very serious flaws in thawing from the cryogenic sleep state). Forget late night comedy, the following 8 minutes are nothing short of the most grotesque-cum-slow-motion-train-crash-rubbernecking entertainment one can get for free tonight.