The Biggest Shock From This Friday's Payroll Report (Sorry Men)

By now much has been written about the joke that was the collapse in the labor force participation rate. Perhaps too much, especially for a topic which as we predicted back in early 2011, would be the primary fudge factor allowing mainstream media headlines to blast America's economic renaissance. Remember: it is all about "confidence." Little, however, has been said about the constituents of this dramatic plunge to a 31 year low, namely the simplest distinction: that between genders. As the chart below shows, when one spreads the labor force by sex, the Friday data is particularly sad for one class of workers: Men. Because as the seasonally adjusted data shows, the labor force participation rate for men just printed at 69.8%. It has never been lower.

The winners, if one may call it that? Women, whose participation rate, while declining and merely where it was back in 1993 last, is still nearly double where it was in 1948.

America is already elbow deep into class warfare. In order to comply with Caesarian and Napoleonic principles, and divide and rule "more better", has the time come to throw in some sexual conflict into the mix as well?