Bond Complex Modestly Lower As Newsflow Slows To A Trickle

After mysteriously, and briefly, appearing two weeks ago, and then again last week, we are once again experiencing one of those eerie "cross the streams" kind of moments, when both stocks and bonds are sold off (and gold jumps to record highs) on renewed concerns that the ponzi is unwinding and central planning committees around the world are furiously scratching their bald heads for contingency plans (that do not involve a Gulfstream and a crate of sold gold) which do not exist aside from doing the same old even more furiously. Below is how tonight's modest sell off in bonds looks like. In the absence of any additional newsflow (don't laugh, read this) we expect the mean reversion bots and buythedip-o-matics to get us green overnight, totally screwing up Obama's plan to scare the bejeezus out of any of his GOP adversaries on the debt hike issue courtesy of a market plunge. Elsewhere, be on the look out for yet another BOJ intervention should "newsflow" return as Japan’s Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda says “will take resolute actions when necessary” in currency market. Then again he has been saying that for two weeks straight now, and absolutely nobody is taking the BOJ seriously any longer.