Both Chicago PMI And Consumer Confidence Disappoint

The adverse data onslaught continues with both the Chicago PMI and the UMichigan Consumer Confidence numbers coming in weaker than expected. Chicago printed at 58.8 on expectations of 60.0, down from 61.1, while consumer confidence was quantified with laser-like precision by UMichigan at 63.7, below expectations of 64.0, and the lowest since March 2009. The data behind the headlines was even uglier, as the Employment index in the PMI printed far lower, from 58.7 to 51.5, even as priced paid increased (yes, inflation) from 70.5 to 71.7, while new orders declined from 61.2 to 59.4. At the same time long-term inflation expectations are getting anchored ever higher, as the 5 year inflation rose from 2.8% to 2.9%, while the condition index plunged to 75.8, the lowest since November 2009. At least people's outlook on the future was unchanged at 56.0. Then again, all economic data is now irrelevant as everyone is preparing to listen to the republicans, the teleprompter and the democrats in that order imminently.