The Definitive Visual Greek Election Tracker

Ignore the media spin of sampling error as definitive confirmation of this or that (because a 1% difference in exit poll terms is well within a 3% error sampling distribution, where a plurality lead incidentally gives the winner an automatic 50 seats), and follow the results for yourself as they come streaming in. Full visual real-time update below.

In case the above link was Zero Hedged and is out of commission, here is another one, straight from the Greek Interior Ministry:

Finally throwing a monkey wrench in all coalition creation plans is the following:

  • Pasok's Diamantopoulou announces it would not join coalition government with ND if Syriza is not in

Needless to say, Syriza would not join in a coalition whose core premise is everything Syria strives to abolish.

And while all that is happening, the head of the Greek Golden Dawn party has already issued a statement:


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