Discount Rate For Banks: 0%; Discount Rate For The "Rest Of US": 400%; For Everything Else There's TaxpayerCard

When your local friendly Too-Big-To-Fail bank needs a 'helping hand' loan to get through pay-day or buy some extra S&P futures, it picks up the shiny red phone and asks Ben for unlimited access to free money. When the 'rest of us' need a little extra - to get through the next week before our pay-check hits, we call this guy - who charges a 400% APR. The Central Bank Discount Window - Priceless.

What is perhaps most notable that no matter how much the CNBC anchors tried to corner this gentleman into admitting his vig is a little rich, the bottom line is that his services are in demand, and by a customer that has a far higher annual household income that we would have expected... once again the 'middle-class' is hurting to maintain any standard of living.