Egan Jones Downgrades Germany From AA- To A+

The unstoppable Egan-Jones juggernaut continues:

6/26/2012: Federal Republic Of Germany: EJR lowered AA- to A+ (Neg.) (S&P: AAA) (3413Z GR)
Stuck - whether or not Greece and other EMU members exit, Germany will be left with massive, additional, uncollectable receivables. Via the ECB's Target 2, Germany is owed EUR700B of which perhaps 50% is collectible and then there is the banks' southern EMU exposures.  Germany's debt to GDP was 87% as of 2011. However, increasing Germany's debt by EUR700B to EUR2.9T for its indirect exposures raises the adjusted debt to GDP to 114%. The deficit to GDP of 1.0% is reasonably strong. Unemployment is 6.8% but will probably rise as global economies continue to show weakness. The positive (EUR130B) balance of trade and the positive (EUR196B) current account help. Inflation has been moderate at .9% (per Eurostat). 


We used the IMF's data for Germany's debt which is 10% great than Eurostat's data. German chancellor Angela Merkel continues to create tension with EU member states by resisting calls for EU bonds (shared liabs.), money printing calls and for her pushing for fiscal controls and the seniority of bailout funding. Germay is likely to be outvoted by other ECB members and therefore will have greater prospective exposure. Watch for the EFSF and the ESM morphing into banks (thereby depressing eventual recoveries) and a rise in the number of euros. The fallout from a likely Greek exit needs to be monitored. We are cutting to "A+".

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