Equity Mutual Funds See Biggest Outflow Since August Despite Market Ramp

While once upon a time, retail equity capital flows would be a perfect coincident indicator to the overall market, with any notable spike in the S&P promptly matched by inflows into domestic equity mutual funds, this is no longer the case. As ICI reports, in the week ended July 12, equity mutual funds saw their 8th consecutive outflow, amounting to $5.9 billion, the largest outflow since the debt ceiling and US downgrade fiasco in August, and a number which brings the total year to date outflow to ($99) billion. True to form, the capital rotated once again out of stock and into bonds with $4 billion in inflows for the week. More than anything this confirms that retail no longer chases day to day market performance out of a profound skepticism for market structure, and the record volatility and well-documented near 100% correlation across all asset classes has driven out all but the bravest. Unfortunately, news like this just released report by Reuters that the Nasdaq hackers from February, also "installed malicious software on the exchange's computers that allowed them to spy on scores of directors of publicly held companies, according to two people familiar with an investigation into the matter." Hardly the stuff that build up confidence in fair and efficient markets.