EURUSD Passes 1.30 On Early Rumor Greece, IIF Reach Agreement

When we predicted on Thursday that the most recent record number of EUR shorts would take the EURUSD over 1.30 on Friday following a spurious rumor that the IIF and Greece had reached a deal, it turns out we were one work day off. As it happens, the EURUSD has just taken out 1.3000 following an FT Deutschland report that Greece and the IIF have reached a broad agreement. It would be funny if only it wasn't so predictable. The source- unidentified government officials. Either way, it appears this will be the on again, off again rumor that drives risk today, since there are no fundamental economic news. Per Bloomberg, banks and EU, IMF, ECB still trying to agree on coupons, so it actually is not a deal but hey, who cares. Coupon for the new, long-term debt after the voluntary haircut should be somewhere above 4%. Troika still pushing for a 4% ceiling. Deal may be concluded in next few hours. Top level talks were interrupted Saturday, continued Sunday by “experts”. Troika experts want to calculate today if Greece can still meet the goal of cutting total debt to 120% of GDP by 2020. And so on. Of course, since just one hold out hoping for "legal arbitrage" and par recoveries, will force the retroactive implementation of CACs, which in turn will trigger CDS, which in turn will force a subordination of debt claims, all of this is moot.