EURUSD Quick Recovery From Opening Gap Down Even Though China Refutes Again It Will Bail Out Europe

EURUSD opened down 80pips, to below Friday's lows, but has somewhat rapidly recovered those losses shifting into the green now in very early (and thin) trading. We assume this means the market has still not processed the latest news from China, which officially refutes, for the third time, rumors of an imminent Chinese bailout. From Bloomberg: "It’s “too early” to determine how emerging economies can further help the euro area overcome its sovereign debt crisis because reforms are still under way, China’s Central Bank Governor Zhou Xiaochuan said. “We need to first see if euro-zone countries can implement their July 21 decision,” Zhou told reporters at the International Monetary Fund in Washington on Sept. 24, referring to a pledge by European leaders to expand the powers of a regional rescue fund. He doesn’t expect Greece will default on its debt and anticipates Europe will be able to overcome its crisis through reform, he told reporters." So, first the bank recap rumor refuted, and now the China bailout one... Perfect: it means that the upcoming week will see brand "new" rumors talking about... bank recaps and a Chinese bailout of Europe.

More from Bloomberg:

Group of 20 finance chiefs pledged coordinated efforts to tackle rising risks this week as Greece teeters on the brink of default and stocks around the world plunged. Attention has focused on the potential for emerging economies to aid Europe as Japan and the U.S. tackle their own expanding debt burdens and sluggish growth.


“Some are studying and proposing to increase the size of the EFSF,” Zhou said, referring to the European Financial Stability Facility. “That needs to be done by the European countries.”


Chinese Central Bank Deputy Governor Yi Gang said last week that the “real solution” to Europe’s woes must come from within the region, while noting that the world’s second largest economy can help Europe “at the margin.” Addressing whether China Investment Corp. will buy euro-area bonds, Vice Chairman Gao Xiqing said in a panel the company can’t be a “savior” of others because it must keep a certain level of profitability.

And now that the market knows what it is missing, we give it 6 hours to process all this massively incongruent data.