FaceBook Makes Monness Crespi Idea Dinner Short List: Full Stock Pick Summary

Now that the Ira Sohn conference has become a worthless hypefest, in which everyone and their kitchen sink is invited in a desperate attempt by hedge funds to offload positions put on ages ago to witless alphaclone chasers, the real "idea dinners" are few and far between. One such remaining one, which unlike others does not seek to publicize its positions to every retail investor, is that held by Monness Crespi, in which very select hedge funds are invited. Below we summarize the stock picks from last night's dinner. We are not at all surprised to find FaceBook already making enemies.

MCH Technology Idea Dinner

1)    Netflix Inc. (NFLX) – Short
2)    Indira Sistemas (IDR SM) – Long
3)    China Unicom (762 HK) – Short
4)    TE Connectivity Ltd. (TEL) – Long
5)    Western Digital Corp. (WDC) – Long
6)    Facebook Inc. (FB) – Short
7)    AAC Technologies Holdings Inc. (2018 HK) – Long
8)    Taiwan Seminconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSM) – Short
9)    Allscripts Healthcare Solutions (MDRX) – Long
10)   Google Commentary – Long
11)   Unisys Corp. (UIS) – Short
12)   Broadsoft Inc. (BSFT) – Long
13)   Mastec Inc. (MTZ) – Long