Follow The Congressional Debate On The Boehner Plan Live

Those interested in the apex of today's Congressional charade can follow the House debate on the Boehner plan live at the following link. It appears that the House does have enough votes to not only take up the debt-limit plan but to successfully pass it (has to be over 218). As a reminder the actual vote is expected to take place at around 5:45pm.


Watch live streaming video from cspan at

Summarizing from the Hill:


The House will hold a critical vote on the Republican Budget Control Act, Speaker John Boehner's plan for raising the debt ceiling and deficit reduction.

Members met at noon for legislative work, and are expected to start with the rule for the budget bill, S. 627. After an hour of debate on the rule, two hours of debate start on the bill itself, controlled by the Rules, Ways and Means and Budget committees.

A final vote on the Budget Control Act is expected sometime around 6 p.m. (notably, after the markets are closed). Just before the vote, Democrats are expected to offer a motion to recommit the bill.

According to an informal whip list kept by The Hill, 22 Republicans are either no votes or leaning against voting for Boehner’s measure. At least another 44 Republicans are publicly undecided, or their positions are unclear, according to The Hill's list. 

Boehner only needs 216 instead of the usual 218 votes to pass his debt-ceiling plan when it comes up for a vote Thursday evening.

Normally 218 votes constitute a majority of the 435 members of the House.

Boehner can afford to lose two more votes in part because Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-N.Y.) will not make it back for the vote because he is recovering from colon cancer surgery.