Live Webcast Of ECB Press Conference, Or The Last Chance For Today's "Deus Ex"

Minutes ago, the ECB already delivered a major disappointment to those most desperate for a Deus Ex intervention: those praying for an ECB rate cut were EastLB (0.5%), and BNP, Credit Agricole, Margin Stanley and Nordbank, all of whom were hoping for a 25 bp cut. Incidentally, all banks that are, shall we say it, liquidity challenged. They did not get their prayers answered. Now, the prayer goes that Draghi will magically hint at the NEW LTRO (not LTRO 3, thank you Apple). In reality he will most likely continue dragging the old party line - economy is weak, we hope governments fix it, but ECB stands ready, etc, hardly the stuff of "Bath Salt your Face Off" rally legends. Watch the whole thing live at the link below.