Netflix CEO Buys $1 Million Worth Of Stock. FaceBook Stock

Reed Hastings is not a popular man with NFLX shareholders. After taking the stock just shy of $300 last summer, a series of abysmal executive decisions that followed (including buying company stock using corporate cash near the peak) has seen the video streamer plumb news depths, and recently was trading at fresh two year lows. One would think that if indeed the CEO had some extra cash lying around that he could do something, anything to prop up his company, and send some signal of confidence in the now battered one time high-flying DVD-rental company. And would also be right. Partially. Because as the attached From 4 indicates, Reed did indeed just fork over $1 million to buy new shares. Only problem is the stock he bought was not his own but that of... FaceBook. Which he bought at an average price $21. Of course, if one needed glaring evidence that FB is going far lower, this is it. Yet we certainly thank Reed for telling us and his shareholders that NFLX is still not low enough for him to even consider buying some here.

Ok, but surely, Reed has bought at least some NFLX stock in the past? Well, we will let readers answer for themselves.

In the chart below, red arrows indicate Reed's sales of NFLX stock. The green ones are where he bought. 

h/t TradeHawk