New User Interface

First, note that if you're having trouble logging in, you need to clear your cache. If you're still having issues, run CCleaner, and if you're still having problems, email us at info@.

Note: You can adjust which comments you see in the "junking" (as it's referred to), by adjusting your threshold in the drop down menu where you set how many comments you see, if you're authenticated. If you want to see everyone's comments, go for it. No one's? Good there too. There's a maximum range on our ability to "up" and "down" a comment -- we can't push a comment completely below your view. Moreover, if there's a comment you want to see that's below your current threshold, just click on it. It will show up. It just drops down, like magic.

Some notable features:

1. The new comment function is vastly improved. Authenticated users will be able to set threshold levels, effectively blocking out everything deemed sub-par by comment raters.

2. On the right, you'll notice you now have access to the most recent comments and top stories.

3. A much improved search function.

4. Similar stories, once the update catches up from the data migration, offers stories that share key words with the current story.

5. If you click on "My Account", you can see your most recent comments so  you can track them.

6. Notably, you'll need to re-register for subscriptions. The new method is much better than the old, but we couldn't transfer the lists.


7. We've changed Captcha. 

8. Someone pointed out that users (non contributor/admin) couldn't search for other users. This has been rectified.

9. Adding Spellchecker.

10. Re: comment moderation, slashdot did an interesting piece on this (as this moderation system is derived from them), and came to the conclusion that it's absurd to let everyone moderate comments. Not only is it prone to abuse, but it defeats the purpose of having moderators (as it creates moderation wars). They elected to do a Karma system where everyone gets a shot at moderating at some point; we may adopt the same.

11. Just to clarify, aside from some sidebar stuff, the CSS on the font stayed exactly the same.

12. I'll take away user pictures if it's abused.

13. Added 'new comments' per user(s) request(s).

14. The lag you're seeing now is because the servers are updating, effectively digesting the new information (all of the user content, including posts).

If you have any questions or concerns, email me. We hope you enjoy everything.