No New Shorts In Early November As NYSE Short Interest Drops To 3 Month Low

Following the market drop in early November, it was widely expected by most, us included, that stock shorts would pile in once again, only to be burned by moves like today's, which is more of an attempt to flush out even more shorts by hitting limit pain thresholds, than buying on any actual fundamental improvements. Curiously, as the just released NYSE data, the short interest at November 15, not only did not increase in the previous two week period, it dropped to a 3 month low of 14.1 billion shares, just down from October 31. Which means that there were no new weak hands, and that all the algos who are pushing the market higher on hopes that short covering will take it even higher once a limit waterfall begins are likely to be disappointed. And with fundamentals completely irrelevant, this data update also likely means that shorts will take this opportunity to reshort the market.