POMO For The Rest Of Us - A Zero Hedge Initiative

Now that talk of NEW QE is once again all the rage, and with the FOMC's June meeting in less than a month, and since there is nothing that anyone can do, short of a revolution to prevent this (with half the country obese, and the other half hypnotized by the Kardashians or on disability, that ain't happening), it only makes sense to join them since we can't beat them. Which is why we are officially launching the "POMO For The Rest Of Us" initiative. Beginning today, we will collate readers' ideas based on twitter posts with the #POMOList hashtag, which we naturally suggest be addressed to the @FederalReserve twitter account as we wouldn't want the good central planners at the Fed to be unaware of what the general population demands be monetized in the next imminent iteration of an utterly idiotic activity which does absolutely the same as every year before, while hoping for a different result.

Below we have incorporated a widget that will track in real time and capture all tweets addressing the @FederalReserve and/or discussing the #POMOList subject. Once we have collected a large and creative enough list, we will submit it to the Fed (we may even retain Morgan Stanley's services to bring "legitimacy" to our venture), because as the recent FaceBook IPO debacle has shown, the central planners are quite concerned that the retail investor should also have some skin in the manipulated game. We believe it makes sense to extend this to Quantitative Easing as well.

So while the Fed has a green light to dedicate about $800 billion of the roughly $1 trillion or so in new money to be printed any second, it is only fair that $200 billion, or roughly the Facebook retail allocation, be dedicated to the demands of the general public. Please use this chance to be heard on twitter, and to tell the Fed just what assets you would like Brian Sack's replacement to be buying with reckless abandon in this country's closing hours.