Presenting A Post Mortem Of "Anonymous" First Trade Reco: Anon To Give Muddy Waters A Run For Its Fraudbuster Money

Yesterday we reported on the historic transition of Operation Anonymous from a loose, disorganized, and quite dangerous hacker collective, to a (substantially more) organized, opaque, unregulated, and seemingly, quite effective and just as dangerous research organization. As Zero Hedge first reported, yesterday Anonymous (which is now known as Anonymous Analytics) came out with a report on (then) $HK 8.5 billion Hong Kong agri-firm Chaoda, alleging the company is a total fraud, and that its stock will soon be delisted. So how did Anon do when the stock opened for trade late last night Eastern time? See for yourself. It looks like Muddy Waters has finally got some competition. We can't wait until these dedicated short sellers finally shift their attention away from China, and start taking down the ponzi monstrocities of our own stock market...


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