A Reminder Of The EURUSD's Response To The Historic Announcement At 2:00 PM On March 18, 2009

Zero Hedge has been lucky to have reported from the front lines on that historic day, March 18, 2009, when at precisely 2 pm the Fed formally expanded its LSAP program to include Treasuries, and more MBS, in what become formally known as Quantitative Easing (Episode 1). On that day, nearly three years ago (when gold was trading at $925) our commentary was the following: "Maybe one should really start buying stocks ahead of the uber-hyperinflation that will imminently ensue. We recommend wheelbarrow stocks.This is textbook back against the wall. But at least the stock market takes another crutch up." and of course: "Print, print, print... God help us." Needless to say it has been downhill ever since, and even though the global economy now is in the worst situation it has ever been precisely due to this unbridled printing, it is somehow conventional wisdom that all in Europe will be well... if the ECB does what the Fed did on that Wednesday in March nearly three years ago. The sheer idiocy of the logic is dumbfounding. Yet what we wanted to demonstrate is the intraday kneejerk response in the EURUSD which we caught just as it happened: the European currency moved by 400 pips from 1.31 to almost 1.35 in minutes. Which begs the question: in order to prevent a dollar spike, much as the situation of pre-QE March dictated, is the low 1.30s level the magical threshold where if the ECB does not, then the Fed will print? We make no forecast, and merely want to show that should the Euro proceed to tumble, the Fed has more than enough weapons, well, weapon, in its arsenal to reset the global devaluation game all over again. Because a soaring dollar will be the next inevitable step in the global liquidity collapse, which can and will be delayed (if only briefly) in only possible way: the "way" which will see gold doubling yet again over the next three years (if not far shorter).