Scramble From European Insurers Accelerates: ASSGEN, Allianz CDS Soar

Less than two weeks ago, when reporting on the news that Fitch has finally woken up to the reality that European insurers, already massively pregnant with European bonds, are the next shoe to drop, something we have been saying since 2010, we said, "For once, Fitch took the words right out of our mouth, and in the process reminded us that the time of the stupendously named ASSGEN CDS (357 bps, +41 today) is here (for our previous coverage on Generali, read here, here and here)." We also added: "And just because we like to live dangerously, we believe the time has come to knock on the door of the grand daddy of all: Pimco parent, German uber-insurer Allianz, where the crisis will eventually hit like a ton of anvils if and when things really get out of control." Here is the first trade update, 12 days later: Generali is 100 bps wider, Allianz is 40 bps. So as traders stock up on even more default protection to the companies which are certainly not too big to fail (ALZ used its trump card with the EFSF as CDO squared idea... and failed), we urge them whatever they do, to not tell Bill Gross to look at the soaring default risk of his parent company.

Generali or, as it is better known, ASSGEN:

And Allianz:

source: BBG