Systematic Shutdown Of (2.4MM Barrels Per Day) Nigerian Oil Ahead

Crude prices rose modestly this morning so far (up to $102) as news of the Nigerian oil and gas union will shut down all production starting Sunday in a nationwide strike over fuel prices. As the Associated Press reports, the nationwide strike has been under way since Monday and the 20,000 oil and gas union members joining on Sunday will mean a top supplier of crude to the US (approximately 2.4mm barrels per day) will stop production. The union notes that the Nigerian government's reversal of a two-decade-long subsidy program to keep gas prices low for Nigerians "forced them to go ahead and apply the bitter option of ordering the systematic shutting down of oil and gas production." The market for now does not seem too bothered by this drop in supply, even in the tight markets we are facing, as most of the oil move seems driven by USD weakness post the ECB decision - perhaps things will change when the unions call the market's bluff on Sunday?


Chart: Bloomberg