Treasury Cash Drops By $15 Billion Overnight, At $51.6 Billion; $5 Billion In SFP Bills Roll Off

Two weeks ago Zero Hedge first presented the comparison of the Treasury cash balance to cash equivalents held by global public companies (a meme that has since propagated in a very dumbed down and unattributed fashion). Here is the update. As of last night, the US Treasury had just $51.3 billion in Federal Resere cash, and furthermore, Tim Geithner let the $5 billion in residual CMBs under the Fed's Supplementary Financing Program mature without rolling. In other words, the Treasury just burned $15 billion, or $20 billion when accounting for the CMB roll off, overnight. At this burn rate there is precisely 3 days or so of cash, although this naturally does not include the bulk payment due to SSTN discussed previously. It is now officially time to panic, although those who so wish, can put their money in not just Apple ($76.2 billion), but GE ($136.4 billion) and Microsoft ($62.4 billion) all of which have more cash than Tim Geithner. Of course, as Gartman put it, in three days everyone will have more cash than the US Treasury. Incidentally, someone may wish to inform the irrelevant data chasers that a far better comparison is that of the US Treasury not to companies that have X cash, but to those that have a $15 billion cash burn per day.

And a history of Treasury cash: