White House Chief Of Staff Warns About "Stressful Days In The Market"

Update: we have just gotten word that there will be a GOP conference call at 4:30 pm on the debt limit. Apparently the GOP is dead set on the 8pm Asian open and disregarding the much more important FX open.

It may be time to panic... at least on a "transitory" basis. After Boehner essentially said earlier that there are still no details what the "two-tier" plan noted yesterday would look like, we now are 5 hour away to FX open. And judging by the comments of White House Chief of Staff, it is almost as if the administration would like to see a selloff. Per Reuters: "White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley said on Sunday there will be a few stressful days ahead for financial markets but that a U.S. debt deal will ultimately be reached. "In the end, we may have a few stressful days coming up -- stressful for the markets of the world and the American people," he said on the CBS program "Face the Nation. Daley quickly added that he is confident a deal will be reached to raise the debt ceiling. We are confident he is right. We are also confident that if it takes a 200 point plunge in the S&P to achieve that target, well, so be it.

We suggest grabbing front row seats at around 4pm today when the first USDXXX pairs start getting updated.