Who Says Government Can't Create Jobs?

As the NFP print from two weeks ago proved (</sarcasm>), the US is gaining jobs rapidly. Of course the argument that government cannot create jobs remains (just ask the 100,000s of Wall Streeters looking for blogs to write for thanks to Dodd-Frank perhaps?). Bloomberg's outstanding Chart of the Day sums it all up nicely as the incredible rise in Financial Regulators continues. Since 2004, the number of federal employees at financial regulators will have almost doubled to 20,805 in 2013 - with the FDIC dominating the gains. What is also interesting is DoubleLine's Gundlach's recent observation (via Cato) that Federal employees earn almost twice what private employees do on average. Well done government.

2013 data



2004 Data - notice the dominant gains in the FDIC


Average pay per Federal employee is double that of private workers


Source: Bloomberg & Cato