Glasgow Landlord Tries Renting Their "Sh*tter Out As A Micro-Office"

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Aug 25, 2021 - 02:45 AM

A landlord in central Glasgow has converted a bathroom into a "micro-office" that offers a toilet, a mini-fridge, a desk and lamp, and a window for rent, according to Daily Mail

The compact office space or what appears to be a bathroom, is listed on the British-based online classified advertisement website "Gumtree" for $70 per week, or about $280 per month.

The ad reads:

"Small and compact space ideal for solo working. 

"Located on the 1st floor of a tenement building in Partick, the space has its own private entrance. 

"Included is fibre broadband connection, 2 x desks, mini fridge, toilet and sink, underfloor heating, lamps, mains supply, kettle. 

"It's a nice quiet spot and was recently converted.  

"Available from 8am to 6pm Mon to Fri and would provide keys to longer term renters."

Since the listing was posted on Gumtree more than a month ago it has received nothing but harsh comments on social media. 

"Someone in Partick is renting their s***er out as an office," one person wrote in response to the ad.

Another joked: "Zoom calls on the throne".

"Kay where is the shower? What about wet paperwork? There is a claim there waiting to happen," a third questioned.

The micro-office located in a bathroom comes to light after social media users were outraged when another landlord in Glasgow attempted to rent out a two-bedroom apartment for around $1350 per month with a missing kitchen. 

Landlordism is certainly peaking as rents in a post-COVID world are soaring in big cities, not just in the UK but across the Western world. In one of the hottest real estate markets, a landlord in Vancouver converted a bathroom into a "micro-studio" for $680 per month.  

Ponzi scheme master Bernie Madoff's jail cell was bigger than the micro-office - and his rent was free.