Thanksgiving Costs Flat Year-Over-Year Despite Tumbling Turkey Prices

There's good news for American families this Thanksgiving - the cost of a turkey feast has remained stable, rising by a single penny compared to last year. As Statista's Katherina Buchholz notes, The American Farm Bureau has found that the classic ingredients for a Thanksgiving dinner to feed 10 people will cost $48.91 in 2019. That's less than $5 per person.

Infographic: The Cost Of A Thanksgiving Dinner Remains Stable | Statista

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An estimated 46 million turkeys are eaten every year at Thanksgiving, and as is typical, the most costly item by far is the turkey, which this year costs an average of $20.80. Yet, the price of the big bird is at its lowest since 2010. Since most other ingredients on the Farm Bureau's shopping list have seen slight price increases, the price of the entire meal remained relatively stable this year. In the previous years, the average price of Thanksgiving dinner had actually been decreasing.

Infographic: What do the Components of a Thanksgiving Dinner Cost? | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

The shopping list of the survey includes all ingredients and foods in quantities sufficient to serve a family of 10. 250 volunteers checked prices in grocery stores in 38 states for the Farm Bureau.

According to the American Farm Bureau, U.S. farmers only receive eight cents out of every dollar spent on food for the Thanksgiving feast.