Allstate Lawyers Fear For Safety After Opposing Counsel Threatens To Unleash "Long D*ck Of The Law"

A dispute between lawyers turned ugly when attorney Christopher Hook of Culver City, California sent a series of vulgar, threatening emails to attorneys for Allstate, after the insurance company rebuffed his attempt to collect over $300 million on a $200,000 water damage dispute.

Allstate, represented by firm Shepherd Mullin partner Peter Klee, filed an ex parte application for relief after they say Hook "bombarded" Klee and colleagues with "over 100 emails," according to Above The Law.

Not only did Hook threaten to "let the long dick of the law fuck Allstate for all of us," he threatened :shit for brains" Klee to "pay up fucktard or you will be lucky to work as a notary public in El Cajon."

"Karma is a bitch mother fucker," Hook continued, adding "You are going to learn that in spades. I know where you live pete."

On November 26, Allstate asked the court to throw out the lawsuit, disqualify Hook as the plaintiffs' attorney, slap Hook with a restraining order, and halt all depositions.

Hook responded to Klee's filing by claiming he was using a "confidential negotiating tactic" and he admitted that his language may have "crossed the line" out of "frustration and anger."

In response, Judge Otis D. Wright ordered both plaintiffs - an elderly California couple - and attorneys for both sides, to appear in court on December 16 and explain why "Mr. Hook should not be disqualified as Plaintiffs' Counsel," as well as "why this Court should not issue a restraining order" or sanction Hook.