CNN: Joe Biden Could 'Step Aside' For Kamala Harris

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Aug 12, 2020 - 06:25 PM

Authored by John Hanson via The Political Insider

On Tuesday, CNN editor-at-large Chris Cillizza implied that Joe Biden would “step aside” for his vice presidential pick, Sen. Kamala Harris, hinting that Biden will not finish his presidential term if he wins in November.

Cillizza opined that Biden’s pick showed that the former vice president would win the presidential election, but also that he might not be able to actually do the job. CNN’s Twitter account highlighted the ominous claim:

Cillizza: Harris’ ‘resume suggests will be ready to step in if and when Biden decides to step aside’

“At 55 years old, [Harris] represents a younger generation of leader — something that Biden, who will be 78 on Inauguration Day 2021, said was a major factor in his choice,” Cillizza wrote.

He continued, “What that all means is that Biden wants the race to be about him as little as possible.” 

Cillizza then wrote (emphasis added), “What Biden did is make the pick that maximized his chances of continuing to make the race a straight referendum on Trump while also selecting someone, in Harris, whose resume suggests will be ready to step in if and when Biden decides to step aside.”

Harris’ VP slot was awkwardly announced

Cillizza’s argument comes in the wake of CNN’s chief media correspondent Brian Stelter recently arguing that it was “offensive and otherworldly” for conservatives to argue that Biden was too old or not fit health-wise to serve as president.

When the Harris pick was announced via a mass email from Biden, it was awkwardly worded in a way that suggested Harris might be expected “to lead this nation starting in January 2021.”

Biden’s age and questionable mental state has fueled much speculation that whoever he chose as a running mate stands a good possibility of becoming president in the future.

For CNN’s Chris Cillizza that future can’t seem to come quick enough.

Consider also that Kamala Harris was totally blown out in her own race for the Presidency. Voters rejected her. If Biden has planned all along to step aside, he would be effectively installing someone as president who was roundly dismissed by voters. That portends very poorly for American democracy.


John Hanson is a professional writer and editor with over 15 years of experience in conservative media and Republican politics. He has been a special guest on Fox News, Sirius XM, appeared as the guest of various popular personalities, and has had a lifelong interest in right-leaning politics.