Democratic Socialists Of America Teams Up With Teachers Unions To Reform Schools

Submitted by Sovereign Man,

What happened:

The Democratic Socialists of America has endorsed the demands of some of the largest teachers’ unions in the US.

These are conditions that the unions say must be met before teachers are willing to return to teach public school during a pandemic.

For example, the unions say school should be cancelled this fall to allow more time for the pandemic to die down.

They could also use that time to retrofit schools with safety measures, using “a massive influx of federal funds” that the unions and Democratic Socialists are also demanding.

The unions also want to ban charter schools and school voucher programs… to combat Covid-19?

What this means:

And that is where the demands stop having much to do with Covid and start taking advantage of a crisis.

For instance, the DSA and unions also call for police-free schools.

We’ve covered plenty of school resource officers overreacting to student misbehavior. So it's not like this is necessarily a bad demand, but what does it have to do with Covid?

Then they demand a “moratorium on evictions/foreclosures, providing direct cash assistance” to the community.

What does that have to do with school?

Again, they are using the crisis to push through a socialist agenda while everyone is worried and distracted.

And if these are the people running the schools, all the more reason to homeschool.