How Trump's And Obama's Approval Ratings Compare

Comparing President Barack Obama's and President Donald Trump's approval ratings in relation to the time they've been in office, both come pretty close of each other in their third year.

Despite what would appear to the 'average joe' to be a near-constant stream of abuse and negativity puking forth from the so-called mainstream media; somehow - blind to the liberal screamers and virtue signalers - Trump is as hated/loved as Obama was at the same time in his first term.

As Statista's Katharina Buchholz notes, Gallup's latest poll shows that, Obama's approval rating was 40 percent at the end of Aug 2011, while Trump's was 39 percent at the same time of year in 2019.

In the following September, both presidents' 33rd month in office, Trump's approval rating initially rose to 43 percent, while Obama's rose very slightly to 41 percent.

Infographic: How Trump's and Obama's Approval Ratings Compare | Statista

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These surveys were taking before the first half of the month was over (and formal impeachment proceedings were initiated against President Trump), so it remains to be seen what final results Trump will achieve for the month.