Minneapolis Voters Line Up To Cast Ballots As Early Voting Begins In Several States

Minneapolis voters lined up on Friday to cast their ballots ahead of the first presidential debate, as early voting began in several states including Minnesota.

In the first 30 minutes alone, some 44 people cast ballots in Minneapolis' lone polling center, according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, voters in Wyoming, South Dakota and Virginia cast in-person ballots on Friday. Virginia elections officials in Fairfax and Arlington counties reported heavy turnout and lines out the door, while voters in Minnesota said they wanted to avoid Election Day crowds and get an early jump on the process.

"I just wanted to come get it done," said 33-year-old painter Jason Miller, who lined up to cast a vote for Biden, according to Reuters - who didn't interview any Trump supporters.

"I was a little inspired to come here the first day," Miller added. "In fact, probably 3-1/2 years ago I thought I would be here the first day I could."

All of the voters lined up in Minneapolis wore masks to help protect against the spread of the coronavirus.

Margie Rukavina, 72, said she was “revved up” to vote for Biden but also was concerned about voting on Election Day given health concerns.

We want to come early to avoid a super-spreader event, like our president is so happy to do,” she said. Trump has been criticized for holding crowded campaign rallies, often with people not wearing masks. -Reuters

If one is inclined to believe the polls, Trump trails Biden in both national polls, as well as in Minnesota, which he lost to Hillary Clinton in 2016 by just 1.5 percentage points.

On Friday evening, Trump will hold a rally at an airport in Bemidji, MN, while Biden will tour a union training center in Duluth before delivering a speech.