Roger Stone Demands New Trial After Anti-Trump Juror Outs Herself Over Social Media

Former Trump adviser Roger Stone requested a new trial on Friday just one day after the lead juror in his November trial hates President Trump and actively posted anti-Trump material online during the trial.

Stone's new lawyers requested the new trial on Friday, just one day after Judge Amy Jackson, an Obama appointee who handled Stone's case for almost a year and presided over the two-week jury trial, rejected Stone's claim that he deserves a new trial based on bias by a different juror, according to the Washington Examiner.

As we noted yesterday, jury forewoman Tomeka Hart admitted to being a Stone trial juror in a Facebook post expressing outrage after four prosecutors withdrew from his case on Tuesday in protest of the DOJ revising the longtime Trump adviser's recommended sentence of up to nine years in prison for a process crime.

Hart - who was a Democratic congressional candidate in Tennessee in 2012, has a Twitter history littered with anti-Trump propaganda and was actively posting on social media during the trial. This, as attorney and journalist @Techno_Fog points out, raises questions over how she responded to the juror questionnaire which asked specific questions regarding social media, the Mueller investigation, and running for public office.

On Wednesday afternoon, Judge Berman Jackson rejected Stone's request for a new trial based on a juror whose identity was concealed in the filing who works for the IRS - which Stone argued "works hand-in-hand with the Department of Justice prosecuting criminal tax matters."