"Tell Biden We Are Coming": 'Mother Of All Caravans' Headed Towards Texas

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Oct 26, 2021 - 05:30 PM

Texas is bracing for a surge of approximately 3,000 migrants - including some 250 children - making the northward trek from Central America through Mexico. While most of the group is from Central America, they are joined by South Americans, Africans and Haitians.

Photo: Reuters

The latest caravan, known as "Madre Caravana" or "Mother Caravan," is stopped along a highway in Huehuetán, a city in the southern state of Chiapas as the weather topped 89 degrees, according to the Daily Mail.

In response, a unit of 1,000 state police officers and Texas Rangers have been deployed to areas along the state's 1,241 miles of border with Mexico, and is preparing to repel the influx of migrants. Last month, Texas state law enforcement agents were able to prevent approximately 15,000 mostly-Haitian migrants from crossing the US-Mexico border.

"The Texas Department of Public Safety [DPS] is committed to securing our southern border under the direction of Texas Governor Greg Abbott and has deployed around one-thousand Troopers, Special Agents and Texas Rangers as part of Operation Lone Star (OLS)," as spokesperson told the Daily Mail on Monday.

"While the department does not discuss operational specifics, we continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds in order to make real-time decisions and will adjust operations as necessary."

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CPB) spokesperson told that the agency 'plans for all possible scenarios based off information on the operations of smugglers or movements of migrants. 

'Our posture and response are based on comprehensive analysis, and not on any single report. 

'CBP stands ready to address any potential increase in migrant encounters as we work to ensure safety and security of our borders, while managing a fair and orderly immigration system.' 

The caravan initially drew its members by distributing a QR code via text message October 15. -Daily Mail

One Salvadorian migrant interviewed by Fox News told the network: "Tell Biden we are coming."

At least 147,000 illegal immigrants were registered in southern Mexico between January and August of this year, according to the Mail, which notes that this is triple the amount reported during the same period in 2020.