Texas National Guard Urges Members To Volunteer Amid Border Crisis

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Sep 24, 2021 - 09:40 PM

The Texas Military Department seeks Guardsmen who are willing to volunteer their time to defend the Lone Star State amid the "unprecedented" migrant crisis along the Texas-Mexico border. 

The Texas Military Department stated, "new full-time positions" are available for the Operation Lone Star border support mission. "Volunteers must be medically and administratively deployable and members of the Texas Military Department," it said. 

"We are still looking for Texas Guardsmen to support Operation Lone Star. Please help us stop human trafficking, smuggling, and illegal border crossings while we are securing texas. Lodging and per diem included," the department's Twitter said. 

Operation Lonestar "integrates Texas Department of Public Safety with the Texas National Guard and deploys air, ground, marine, and tactical border security assets to high threat areas to deny Mexican Cartels and other smugglers the ability to move drugs and people into Texas," according to the Office of Governor Greg Abbott.

Abbot joined Fox News' Hannity Thursday to discuss the border crisis. He said his state took "unprecedented action" to secure the border amid the flow of at least 15,000 migrants who ended up under a Texas bridge earlier this week. 

Days later, the Biden administration finally took action and forced thousands of Haitian migrants back to their own county despite political turmoil after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise and the most recent earthquake. 

Scenes from the border in the last few weeks have been shocking as the Biden administration looked the other way. Even a Democratic judge in Texas bashed Biden for the handling of the crisis and said the president is the root cause of the problem.