Trump Warns: "Our Record Economy Will Crash Like 1929" If A Democrat "Clown" Becomes President

President Trump's 2020 campaign pitch to the American people is simple: Do you enjoy the low unemployment rate and 'booming' (even if rate cuts and other artificial stimulus have helped prop it up) economy Trump has created? Then don't vote for his Democratic rival next November.

It's a message we've heard from Trump many times before, including during the runup to the midterms, where Trump warned that stocks would crash if Democrats took back the House (reminder: They did). Democrats are bad for the market. And it's a topic that journalists have been looking into in recent weeks.

Would an Elizabeth Warren presidency crash the economy? Well, she's already preparing to lay the blame at the feet of the 'business cycle' - whatever that is.

Trump started by reminding voters that Republicans are still popular, especially with their base, which is thrilled with the Trump agenda.

Then Trump warned that the "record" economy that he built (a "record" economy that needs lower interest rates and "Not QE 4") would be ruined if he's not reelected in 2020. The "crash" would be as bad as 1929, Trump said, if any of these "clowns" become president.

He then pivoted, complaining that Republicans "have been totally deprived of their rights in this impeachment Witch Hunt" as more current and former members of his administration are brought in to testify before Congress.

But the main point remains: Investors should be building up those hedges if they think a Warren presidency is even a remote possibility.