US Ambassador To India Issues Apology After Protesters Vandalize Gandhi Statue 

Black Lives Matter protesters and rioters this week didn't even spare of all things Mahatma Gandhi's statue outside the Indian Embassy in Washington D.C. Ironically Gandhi is considered to be the originator of non-violent, peaceful protests given his resistance to the British Empire. 

By Wednesday the statue was found to be covered in bright spray paint, including obscenities, and the word "Racist" sprawled across the bottom of the statue.

Given that the centrally located statue draws tourists from India who often venerate it as sacred, the incident has threatened to set off a bit of a diplomatic row between Washington and New Delhi, with the American ambassador to India issuing a public apology over the defacing

US Ambassador to India Ken Juster issued a statement saying he was "appalled" by the "awful violence and vandalism".

"So sorry to see the desecration of the Gandhi statue in Wash, DC. Please accept our sincere apologies," Juster wrote in a tweet. 

"Appalled as well by the horrific death of George Floyd & awful violence & vandalism. We stand against prejudice & discrimination of ant type. We will recover & be better," he added.

This was also after the incident took over headlines inside India, though few American media outlets bothered to cover it.

US Park Police, which oversees security of D.C. monuments, has said it is investigating. This also as even war memorials on the Capitol suffered vandalism this week.

Far left activists have in the past pointed to questionable statements Gandhi made in the early 20th century, calling some segments of the population of South Africa "toublesome" and "very dirty... like animals."