LaRouche PAC Exposed As Ocasio-Cortez Troller Behind "We Must Eat The Babies" Viral Video

Update 2: Just as we anticipated, the woman who confronted AOC at her town hall in Corona was, in fact, a plant sent by a pro-Trump group.

According to Gizmodo, the 'let's eat the babies' woman has ties to LaRouche PAC, a right-wing group that supports President Trump. The group was founded by former Communist Lyndon LaRouche. LaRouche, who died earlier this year at the age of 96, was one of the original American political provocateurs.

LaRouche's followers took credit for the prank in a Tweet Thursday night, claiming that "sometimes, only satire works."

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Update: and there you go.

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In a clip that has gone viral across social media platforms, a woman who was, in all likelihood, an opposition plant, confronted AOC during a town hall in Corona, Queens last night and insisted that her 'Green New Deal' wasn't enough and that instead "we must eat the babies" to stop climate change from destroying the world.

During the confrontation, the woman, who had an unusual and vaguely European accent, insisted that while she was a great fan of AOC, she felt that her proposals to combat climate change simply didn't go far enough.

The only measure drastic enough to make a difference, the woman insisted, would be to stop all of humanity from breeding, and "eat" babies instead of raising them.

"I love that you support the Green New Deal but it's not going to solve the problem fast enough. I think your next slogan must be this: 'we have to eat the babies'...there's too much CO2!"

"Even if we were to bomb Russia, it’s not enough," she continued. "There’s too many people, too much pollution."

At one point, the woman took off her coat to reveal a T-shirt bearing the phrase: "Save the planet, eat the children."

Members of AOC's staff approached the woman toward the end of her remarks, as everybody else in the room became increasingly uncomfortable.

By the time she got around to responding, a furor had gripped the room. AOC responded that we have "more than a few months" to solve the climate crisis ("though we do need to hit net-zero in a few years") and that "we all need to understand that there are a lot of solutions that we have."

Many criticized AOC for not rushing to admonish the woman. Even Tucker Carlson couldn't resist taking a shot at AOC during last night's show.

The Congresswoman addressed the outburst on Twitter, explaining that she was "concerned" that the woman might be "in crisis". She also took a swing at Carlson and others who have been "mocking" the woman, who might have a serious mental health condition.