Your Lyin' Eyes: Corporate Media Panics With 'Fact Checks' Over Biden's Obvious Decline

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Jun 19, 2024 - 12:44 AM

After several videos plainly showing Joe Biden's obvious cognitive decline went viral over the last week, the left is now pulling the 'out of context' thing, suggesting that they're edited "cheap fakes" that are "done in bad faith," and both NBC News and AP running 'fact checks.'

Now, the media is doing 'fact checks' to debunk your lyin' eyes! Check out NBC's (9 million follower, 25k view in 12 hours, highly ratio'd post with hilarious replies) take:

They're now calling authentic footage "cheap fakes," which as we noted yesterday, appears to be coordinated messaging with the White House.

While "deepfakes" are misleading audio, video or images that are created or edited with artificial intelligence technology, a "cheap fake," according to researchers Britt Paris and Joan Donovan, is a "manipulation created with cheaper, more accessible software (or, none at all). Cheap fakes can be rendered through Photoshop, lookalikes, re-contextualizing footage, speeding, or slowing."

To recap:

  • Biden 'wandered off' during a G7 flag ceremony while he was supposed to be taking a photo with other world leaders before Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni shepherded him back to the group. According to the fact checkers, he was 'paying respects to a paratrooper.'

According to the fact check, "Biden was greeting a parachutist who had just landed as part of the ceremony."

Yes, requiring Meloni to physically bring him back to the group.

  • He then did some weird nursing home mind-meld with the Pope, possibly (definitely) sniffing him. Unsurprisingly, no debunk! Apparently even NBC News couldn't defend this.

  • Then, the Hollywood Reporter's Chris Gardner showed a clip of Biden 'freezing' on stage last weekend, and having to be similarly guided off stage by former President Barack Obama.

 According to a new 'fact check' from AP, citing Jimmy Kimmel's spokesman and an anonymous source, Biden was simply "pausing" amid cheers.

And wait, is this a cheap fake?

Nobody's buying it...