Realtors Resort To Virtual Reality To Sell Homes During Lockdown

Realtors across the country are dreading open houses or even showing clients homes, nevertheless, sitting in an office signing a contract, that is because masks are in limited supply, and they could catch COVID-19

In Palm Beach, Florida, where cases and deaths are surging thanks to spring breakers and retirement communities, realtors are resorting to video conferencing and virtual reality to show clients properties and sign deals, reported WPTV West Palm Beach

Echo Fine Properties, a real estate agency based in Palm Beach County, was recently forced to close its doors because of the state's public health order that led to the shutdown of non-essential services and businesses. 

"We had to go into crisis management mode." Jeff Lichtenstein, President of Echo Fine Properties, said.

That is when Lichtenstein had to get very creative to stay afloat and go virtual: 

"This weekend, we had three sales, and one of them was a New Yorker, was a doctor who wanted to be out of New York, was in a rental situation and bought a home this weekend," he said.

He said the pandemic had forced him and his real estate team to use 'Zoom,' a video conferencing program, and virtual reality to close deals. 

"So as long as we stay at the forefront and stay positive and reach out to our clients, communicate, solve problems and not dwell on the negative and stay a positive force, we'll be fine," Lichtenstein said


Last month, we noted how a realtor in Maryland said with statewide shutdowns, he was "seriously considering telepresence robots with large iPads" that would allow his real estate team to practice social distancing rules while continuing to run open houses during the virus crisis.

From generation to generation, the evolution of work changes, coronavirus has likely ushered in a virtual world, one where everyone, who is lucky enough, can work remotely.