Tesla Model S Spotted At Nurburgring Reportedly "Broke Halfway Through A Lap"

After Porsche announced that its 750 HP Taycan EV, being dubbed a "Tesla-killer", had set a 7:42 time at the Nurburgring, Elon Musk quickly Tweeted out that the Model S would be there the "next week" to make a run of its own.

That's when, unfortunately, Road and Track actually called the Nurburgring, who informed them of the truth at the time: that Tesla did not, in fact, have an upcoming track time bookedand that the Nurburgring was instead booked solid for the season. 

But one week later, a Model S was spotted at a shop outside of the Nurburgring with "a clear wicker attached to its trunk lid and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Rs, some of the stickiest and most aggressive tires you can buy today."

But, despite the Model S being at the Nurburgring, Road and Track says they heard the Model S would be instead participating in the Ring's Industry Pool - where timing is "strictly prohibited" and "there's so much traffic that a fast lap is impossible".

Some sources on the ground said that Tesla has booked a private track to set a time for next week. The Nurburgring issued a schedule change for September 21, inserting a new 30 minute private window into a session that was already set for public laps and Ring taxi laps. Carving out time from a public lap session was likely an "expensive proposition" and "guaranteed to make the track money". 

Meanwhile, Musk himself has said that the run probably won't be this week.

Even funnier is that a Model S had already been spotted on the track, but wound up breaking halfway through a lap:

We've also heard that a Model S, likely the one with the wicker and the Cup 2 Rs, was on the track already and was absolutely flying, pulling away from other cars, but broke halfway through a lap.

Many have noted the configuration of the Model S that was spotted near the track, asking the question of whether or not the car would really be setting a record if it doesn't offer its modified configuration to customers. Will the company be running a special edition of the vehicle made just for the Nurburgring? Even better, will the Model S battery swap make an appearance?

Meanwhile, Musk Tweeted early Thursday morning that the Model S he plans on running has 7 seats.

...a claim that was rightfully met with immediate skepticism from social media...