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If you like the bullshit I fling, throw a couple satoshi or coin my way while I help write a story about a currency that changes everything by establishing democracy and capitalism as the unknown utopia.

XBT/Bitcoin     - 35dLPUtBuYN3oJzBUQeZECtA4fyrkDjpfb
ETH/Etherium    - 0x7cdb6128bfbbaa0f0f5e4b5fc2c0552c5fa2e31d
BCC/BitcoinCash - 1MmTZF7yY3LpgPBfWc23M5rGUhvECbdLAD
LTC/LiteCoin    - LYbjHV5GGmBZ9g24zbLxoxHrNdF1bY4cRE

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