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I have 15+ years of experience trading in options relating to fixed income, equities and commodity space. My strategies have proven successful with trading firms such as MAKO,LIQUID CAPITAL & BALYASNY ASSET MANAGEMENT.
• CREATED OWN PROPRIETARY OPTION QUANT AND RISK ANALYSIS PROGRAM,"METIS",a systematic and quantative option system (METIS & METIS RK) built and owned by Darren Krett that weds real time,in depth analytics with algorithmic execution
• Grown assets under management and production by collectively over 900% in last 11 years.
• Positive annual returns that average over 75% over the last ten years.
• Generated uncorrelated returns across exchange traded derivatives/futures.
• Created option trading algorithms trading and hedging across different classes.
• I have a strong aptitude for adaptability and adopting new technology and maximizing efficiency.
• My strategies have consistently shown positive annual returns in multiple market conditions.
• I Combine automated trading with rigorous bottom-up fundamental research with a thematic macro approach.

I have experience in every aspect of the trading business.Helping develop the EUREX exchange (Then DTB) by being the first market maker in Bund & BOBL,road-showing around Europe to entice people to the electronic exchange. In 2001, I was tapped to develop and build out a US fixed income presence for Mako Global Derivatives, one of the largest option market makers in the world. I then moved on to start my own trading firm, Mauna Kea Management with two other ex-Mako traders in 2005. I was lured to Kapital Trading from 2006 to 2012 as Head Options Portfolio Manager which successfully traded under the BAM umbrella during 2007/2008. My charity work has included hosting major movie world premieres including Star Wars episode II.


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