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Son of an ant-establishment hippie turned corporate socialist. The critical thinking seeds were sown at a young age, but soon took a course that ran afoul of the family wisdom. My progressive roots are too deep to deny, but make me more determined to shake them off. From the scholar of war to the the founding of UN NGO's, they've been in the elite power structure from before the revolution. My father had his elitist revelation when I was 7, and tried in vain to drag us from the most rural of Vermont to the suburbs, to culture my brother, sister and I. But I was a country boy, and I embraced hard work and my own brain. I was brought up on a farm, love the honest, hard work and always had a related job until I was 27. I went to college because I was expected to, got an engineering degree, Magna Cum Laude from Vandy, where I was first introduced to the Libertarian perspective. I was a poor fit for the cubicle world of engineering so after only a year I took up a job as a metal fabricator and volunteer fireman, which was my new found passion. I, unlike many around me, could still think under pressure and never had fear of, healthy respect sure, but never fear of putting out fires or scraping up kids in car wrecks. I was led to believe that a Union fire position was a sure sign I had made it, only to see how rotten from the inside unions are. I am still one, but I am chipping away from the inside. My wife, a Nurse, and I have 2 small children, a small farm in NH and are relearning all those old skills that are forgotten, and teaching them as we go. I not too long ago discovered Austrian Economics, and Economics of Power (Keyens) and such up as much debate as possible, but am firmly convinced that Misis was correct. We are savers, non materialists, and just simple farmers who take an interest and passion in the world around. Far from stupid, we are sustainable, not in the horrific Prius way, but in we save, eat our own food and barter as much as we can. We're not perfect, but we're stepping that way.


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