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I have a 4 ha (10 acre) smallholding in Extremadura. Whilom British & then Rhodesian infantry officer, live with wife. Three grown up kids. I have lived in UK (on and off 25 yrs total), Malta (2 yrs), Qatar (2 yrs), New Guinea & Solomons (5 yrs), Australia (2 yrs), Cyprus (1 yr) Rhodesia (5 yrs), South Africa (10 yrs), Texas (5 yrs), New York (1 yr) (Spain 10 yrs) and travelled fairly widely. Hobbies are 2 ha (5 acres) of vines (syrah, mourvedre, cab & viognier). Fun activity is getting in the pickup with my wife & driving around Europe for a few weeks, several times a year..


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