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MarsInScorpio has written for the St. Petersburg Times, the Miami Herald, the New York Times, and the Jewish Information Network. His credits also include service as a researcher and contributor for other, as they like to refer to themselves, "Information Organizations of Excellence."

In traditional electronic mass media, he served as a program creator and host for a FOX Television affiliate, and created, produced and hosted, several successful networked radio programs.

Over the course of his 46-year career, he has won several national, and one international, professional awards for his efforts.

He tells others that his personal motivational mantra is embedded from his high school's motto - stated literally correct - that his responsibility to any person, group, organization, or society is for others to be willing to say that it is, "Better for my having been here."

  • Primary Profession: Court-Certified Expert Witness in Computer Crimes and Data Manipulation.
  • Amplifying Professions: Essayist, Commentator on Societal and Cultural Intersectional Evolution, Editor, Publisher, Computer Designer and Network Analyst, Broadcast Program Host for Radio and TV, Social Media Integrator, Traditional Mass Communications Expert, Spiritual and Secular Motivational Speaker and Author, Intersectional Engineer, Interdisciplinary Academesque Researcher and Mixed-Media Expository Creator, Expository Speaker focusing on Issue Education.
  • He has two Current Foci: 1) He is incubating a constitutional amendment to create a protocol for states to succeed from the federal union. It is not now, and will never be in the future, affiliated with any political party, political issues, cultural identity controversies, or partisan ideology. The philosophical expository statement is: "Secession is divorce for irreconcilable differences." (Copyright 2018)
  • 2) He is also incubating a complete restructuring of the property tax on the primary private dwelling. The present annual percentage of "guesstimated" value which keeps the dwelling in perpetual jeopardy of governmental confiscation will be replaced with a one-time sales tax when the property is sold. Once paid, the dwelling is safely beyond the reach of government to dispossess the owner, and thereby protect the owner from government-imposed homelessness. The project's motivational slogan is "Ax the property tax!" (Copyright 2018)


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