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Live in a box, schooled in a box, work in a box, push a prison cart around the shop box, everything in my life came in a box with 18 wheels, nothing there at my feet is mine of my own hands. I am totally reliant upon the fascist corporate-government complex I do not control, therein my freedom lies: the truth of my existence is that I have no agency besides choosing which brand of cereal to eat, gas to buy or for which team to root, red or blue. For millennia I could make a life of my own, now thanks to the so-called "Enlightenment" and the resultant Industrial Revolution, technology has made my life for me in every way possible, and so I am a helpless, skilless patsy, necessarily addicted to the machine lest I wither to death without it. It is all I can do to make the life of the owners more enriched, grateful to build their wealth in turn for the food they bale for me. Freedom isn't free, only the richest can afford it.


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