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What is subversion and how to take active measures to produce useful idiots?

Change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that despite the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community and their country. It is a great brainwashing process which goes very slow and is divided in four basic stages:

- demoralization (15-20 years), exposure to true information does not matter anymore a person whom is demoralized is unable to asses true information, the facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, documents, pictures. Even if I take him by force to show him the FEMA camps he will refuse to believe it until he is recieving a kick in his fat bottom. When the military boot crushes his balls THAN he will understand!

- destabilization (2-5 years), this time subverter does not care about your ideas and the patterns of your consumption weither you eat junk food and get fat and fluffy doesn't matter anymore. What does matter is essentials: economy, foreign relations and defense systems. And you can see it quite clearly that in some areas, in such sensitive areas as defense and economy the influence of Leninst/Marxist ideology is absolutely fantastic!

I could never believed it fourty five years ago when I landed in this part of the world the process would go that fast.

- crises, it will only take up to six weeks to bring a country to the verge of crisis. And after crises with the violent change of power structure and economy. You have the period of so called 'normalization'. It may last indefinetely...

Result: Status quo achieved once again, this will happen in the United States if you allow the schmucks to bring the country to crisis. To promise people all kind of goodies and the paradise on earth. To destabalize your economy, to eliminate your free market competition and to put big brother government in Washington D.C.

Like Sun Tzu tought. The highest art of warfare is not to fight at all, but to subvert. It's like martial art if an enemy is bigger and stronger than yourself it will be extremely foolish to catch a blow. Instead you grap the fist and continue his movement until he crushes into the Wall.

Юрий Александрович Безменов, also known as Tomas David Schuman. former RIA Novosti employee, former Canadian Broadcasting Corporation employee and a (former) PGU KGB informant

Tomas Schuman (Yuri Bezmenov) Soviet Subversion of America - Full L.A. Lecture (1983)


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