May 25th, 2016

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"Did We Go To War?" Terrified Indiana Residents Woken By Unannounced Military Exercise

After last summer's Jade Helm military drills, and just weeks after FEMA's mass arrest drills in Texas, it is little wonder that the residents of Beech Grove, Indiana were terrified upon being awoken last night by the sound of bombs and helicopters, and flooded the emergency 911 call network with requests for information and reports of explosions. As Sputnik News reports, police officials quickly confirmed to alarmed residents that it was a scheduled military training exercise.


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Imminent Intervention? Greece, Italy, & Malta Close Airspace For Aircraft From Libya

Weird things are happening in the Mediterranean Sea. Almost simultaneously three countries in the Mediterranean have closed their airspace and territories for aircraft departing from Libya. The exceptions are very few and involve the transport of military and evacuees. At the same time, three NATO exercises are taking place but the airspace closure and directly little to do with that.


May 25th

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Rising prices of raisins - The real effect of rampant inflation and FX

The only way to understand inflation is through the prism of FX, and consumer goods.  


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The Truth Behind The Surge In Conservative "Extremism"

The mob actions and growing madness of the extreme left, instigated and in some cases funded (Ferguson, Missouri) by elitists like George Soros is going to force conservatives into a position of armed reaction. It is only a matter of time. And perhaps this is what the elites prefer — Americans fighting and killing other Americans while they sit back and enjoy the show. After all, the failure of America is a perfect justification for the greater influence of globalism to stem the tide of “nationalist fervor.” And in a totally globalized and collectivized world, conservatism has no place.


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An Inside Look at the World's Biggest Paper Gold Market

Almost all gold (95%) traded in London is unallocated and without legal title. This makes it easier to trade, but it also raises concerns about a market that is opaque to begin with. There are 5,500 tonnes of paper gold exchanging hands on paper each day, but there are only 300 tonnes of gold vaulted in London outside of the reserves for ETFs or the Bank of England. What would happen if there was ever even a small rush to get the physical asset behind the paper? Is there a system in place for such an event, and how does it work?


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Quantitative Easing And The Corruption Of Corporate America

Since the turn of this century, debt-financed share buybacks have severely tested the character of those charged with growing publicly-traded U.S. firms. Should she ignore the potential for further QE-financed share buybacks to exact more untold economic damage, it would be akin to intentionally corrupting Corporate America. The time, though, has come for these wayward companies’ banker and enabler, the Fed, to hold the line, no matter how difficult the next inevitable test of their character may prove to be. It’s time for the Fed to defend the entire Union and end a civil war that pits a chosen few against the economic freedom of the many.


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Hillary Accuses State Department Report Of Having An "Anti-Clinton Bias"

Brian Fallon appeared on CNN's "The Situation Room" and called into question the timing of the State Department investigation into Clinton's use of a private email server.  Fallon referred to the "appropriateness" of the investigation, parallel to the Justice Department's investigation into the same issue, as "an open question" and stated "reports" from inside the office claiming that the investigation had an "anti-Clinton bias."


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Former McDonalds CEO Crushes The Minimum Wage Lie: "It's Cheaper To Buy A Robot Than Hire At $15/Hour"

"I was at the National Restaurant Show yesterday and if you look at the robotic devices that are coming into the restaurant industry - it’s cheaper to buy a $35,000 robotic arm than it is to hire an employee who’s inefficient making $15 an hour bagging French fries - it’s nonsense and it’s very destructive and it’s inflationary and it’s going to cause a job loss across this country like you’re not going to believe."


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"Someday We'll Be Microchipping All Of Our Children"

Would you allow microchips to be surgically implanted in your children if that would keep them safer? “People should be aware that testing is being done right now. The military is not only testing this out, but already utilizes its properties. It’s not a matter of if it will happen, but when...”


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Hillary In Trouble: State Department Says Clinton Did Not Comply With Record Policies: Full Report

In a surprising reversal, what many thought was impossible, namely the State Department cracking down on its former head and Democratic presidential frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, seems all too possible following news that the State Department inspector General audit has faulted Hillary Clinton, other secretaries of state for poorly managing electronic communications.


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"Dovish" Fed Expectations Collapse To Lowest Since 2015

Back in the middle of February - during the height of the financial-market turmoil, the market was pricing in a shockingly policy-error-ish 36.5% chance of a rate cut in 2016. Since then The Fed has done everything it can to try and regain credibility - attempting to be hawkish in the face of dismal data, baffling everone with bullshit, and droning on about data-dependence. Now, thanks to the FOMC Minutes released last week with officials suggesting investors may be underestimating the pace of tightening, the odds of a 2016 rate cut have collapsed to just 4.8% - its lowest since New Year's Eve.


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This Is The Maximum Amount Of Cash You Can Take Out At A Venezuela ATM

As Bloomberg's Nathan Crooks demonstrates, this is the maximum amount of money one can take out from a Venezuela ATM each day.


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The "System" Won't Survive The Robots

It’s really just a matter of time; the working man’s deal with his overseers is half dead already. But there’s still inertia in the system, and even the losers are keeping the faith. Hope dies slowly, after all. Nonetheless, the deal is collapsing and a new wave of robots will kill it altogether. Unless the overseers can pull back on technology – very fast and very hard – the deal that held through all our lifetimes will unwind.


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Americans - The New Second-Class Citizens

The Department of Labor has awarded Utica, New York, $2 million to teach young refugees how to build drones as part of a summer jobs program. "It was just a population we chose to target," said Alice Savino, executive director of the area Workforce Development Board, warning that "if we don't help [the refugee kids] be productive now, we’re going to pay for it later."


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Saudi Arabia Has Finally Figured Out How To Get Washington's Attention: Lobbyists

While Saudi Arabia's initial response (economic threats) to Washington's sudden renewed legislative interest in the '28 pages' may or may not have helped add fuel to the fire of those who believe the country has something to hide, it has also tried to have a softer approach to the issue, one that perhaps works the most effectively in Washington: Lobbyists.

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